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Thomas Middleton

Thomas Middleton

Thomas Middleton gets back to the farm

On Nov. 14, 2016, Thomas Middleton of Wilmington, Ohio, was spending the day cleaning a grain system, a routine chore for the 84-year-old farmer. When Thomas had not made it home on time, Helen, Thomas’s wife of 64 years, assumed something was wrong and went to check on him. She found Thomas responsive but unable to move and called 911. While resting from his task, Thomas fell four feet into a closed grain auger pit leaving him unable to move for two hours due to a broken back.

Emergency medical responders transported Thomas to Clinton Memorial Hospital initially, but he was soon transferred to the University of Cincinnati Hospital at West Chester. While there, he underwent a three-and-a-half hour surgery to repair his spine. He retained the ability to move his legs but was left with a weak right wrist and an inability to grip his hand.

Thomas showed miraculous results related to the severity of his injury and began walking again a few days post-surgery; however, there was still some residual right arm and hand weakness.

In order to bolster his mobility and strength and help him return to his farming business, Thomas was admitted to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Cincinnati on Nov. 14 where he would undergo comprehensive rehabilitation services for 14 days. Thomas and his family show much appreciation to the therapists and nurses who guided him to recovery even on the most challenging days.

In only a little more than one month after his return home, Thomas no longer needs assistance from a walker and cane and has returned to his former routine of sitting down at his grandfather’s desk each night tackling the planning and finances of his farming business. 

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